MW3 | Stealth Chair + AC Blocker + Spoofer

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Elevate your MW3 gameplay with KZ Shop’s MW3 Stealth Chair + Spoofer. This robust tool is designed to enhance your gaming experience, offering a comprehensive suite of features and functionalities for unparalleled performance and customization.




  • Windows PCs Only
  • Built-in Blocker/Spoofer
  • All Windows Versions Supported
  • Compatible with both Steam and Battlenet game launchers
  • Full Controller Support
  • Streamproof using OBS

Aimbot Features:

  • Aim Key / Controller Aim Key
  • Override Key and Override Bone
  • Aim Bone Selection
  • Selectable Targeting Types
  • Normal Aim, Silent Aim (Client), Psilent (Server Silent)
  • Smoothing for Normal Aim
  • Miss Chance % for Silent/Psilent
  • Aim Distance Slider
  • Auto Fire and Auto Wall
  • Adjustable Damage + Distance for Auto Wall

Aim Settings:

  • Visible Check, FOV Circle, FOV Circle Size, FOV Circle Colour, RGB
  • Enemies Only, Aim at Downed, Aim at Self Revivers
  • Remove Recoil with Slider, Custom Targeted Player Colour
  • Preset Legit/Rage Settings Options

Anti-Aim Features:

  • Preset AA Options, Spinbot, Reverse Aim, Jitter
  • Custom AA Options
  • X Axis: Look Up / Look Down / Jitter / None
  • Y Axis: Spin / Reverse Aim / Jitter / None
  • Fake Lag Toggle with Custom Choke Threshold
  • Vehicle AA, Wheele/Endo Options, Reverse Vehicle / Spin Vehicle


  • Player Names, Weapons, Distance, Health Bars, Team IDs
  • Loot ESP, Customisable ESP Boxes (2D/Corners/Filled/Corner Filled)
  • Skeletons, Customisable Snap Lines (Top/Middle/Bottom)
  • Radar Overlay (Dots/Directional)
  • Fully Customisable Radial Compass (Arrows Size/Colours/Compass Size)
  • Selectable Crosshair Options (Small/Medium/Spinning), RGB Bullet Tracers

Visual Settings:

  • Enemies Only, ESP Distance, Radar Distance, Compass Distance
  • Compass Size, Arrow Size, Compass Visible Only Toggle
  • ESP Boldness Slider, Aim Warning Toggle
  • Customisable Enemy FOV Warnings, Warning Colours
  • Show Player Warning Name Toggle
  • Outlines/Chams, Player Outlines, Vehicle Outlines, AI Outlines, Self Outlines
  • Draw Filled, RGB Toggle for Outlines
  • Draw Visible/Not Visible Entities, RGB


  • Meta Blueprint Savers (Saves all weapons with Best Attachments)
  • MP/WZ Selectable Attachments, Apply Rank 250 Charms Toggle for Blueprints
  • Riveter/MORS Missile Attachments, Perk Saver


  • Loadout Name Changer, Loadout Camo Changer, Clantag Changer
  • Account Name Profanity Bypass, Unlock All


  • Super Sprint, No Fog, No Flash, No Flinch, Long Melee, Fast Reload
  • Third Person, Dynamic Third Person, Instant Weapon Pickup
  • Rapid Fire, Airlock/Air Stuck, Custom Air Stuck Keybind / Controller Keybind Selector
  • FOV Changer


  • View Player Usernames, Mass Report Players, Chat Spam


  • Language Selector (English/French/Spanish/German/Chinese)
  • 5 Config Slots, Loadable with Hotkeys
  • Start-up Config for automatic loading
  • Custom ESP Colours for all options

Unlock the full potential of MW3 with the Stealth Chair + Spoofer by KZ Shop. Experience superior gameplay with comprehensive aimbot, visual, and exploit features designed for ultimate customization and performance. Compatible with all Windows versions and supporting both Steam and Battlenet launchers, this tool ensures your gaming experience is secure and enhanced.